Stuck for Classroom Display Space?

Don't be confined to your four walls...

With all your pupils creating masterpieces of work, finding additional classroom display space can become difficult. We believe we've found a solution with these colourful window clings.

Effectively window stickers without the 'sticky' stuff' the clings use static to cling to any shiny surface and will not leave any residue when removed. It also means that if removed with care, they can be stored for reuse.

What's more on your windows they're visible from both sides of the glass so not only will you be adding colour to your classroom inside, you'll be adding a cheery splash of colour to your outside space too!

But don't confine yourself to windows either, they stick to any glossy surface so will work on mirrors and most whiteboards too.
Our range includes 5 designs. Each pack contains a range of designs and to maximise your investment we've included 2 of each, in each pack. To view the full range of classroom decor window clings - Click here to view the range
Autumn Leaves

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