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The importance of reading can’t be understated, it’s not just confidence to read, enjoyment is just as important, and both elements drastically impact a child’s progress both in education and beyond. As a result most schools focus on guided reading / child literacy as a daily classroom task.

While teacher led guided reading is obvious the optimum, reading with volunteers offers not only help with the task, but can also enhance the learning opportunity offered by willing adults, keen to do their part to support the children and school.

It’s important to keep parents involved and also to let them know the reading that’s been done at school. That’s where our range of guided reading stamps comes in. Over the years we’ve developed with teachers varying guided reading stamp messages, which reflect individual school strategies but all with the aim to record reading sessions by stamping in reading journals that are taken home. The bright colour stamp is a small reward that pupils love to have stamped in their books – indeed many schools allow the children to stamp themselves (albeit supervised!), which makes it an even more exciting class reward!

Current guided reading messages include:

  • I read with an adult in school today
  • I have done guided reading in school today
  • I read in a group today
  • I’ve done guided reading today

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As with all our stamps they can be made in any colour ink to suit a school’s colour marking policy – or if there isn’t one, then simply the teacher’s preference. In addition, to help out school budgets we’ve great quantity discounts to keep costs down.

Whatsmore, if our guided reading stamp range doesn’t include the right wording for you, there’s always our custom stamp option – offering up to 18 ink colours and a myriad of image choices to add some fun to the stamp design.

Lastly, the importance of reading continues in earnest in secondary schools hence we have a range of reading assessment stamps. All designed by teachers showing vital feedback - WWW, EBI and specific checklist points to aid marking and maintain consistency within a department. All of these teacher stamp designs can be customised easily to suit specific teacher reading needs and of course there's the choice of colours to ensure marking strategies are followed. Here's a sample of the designs we have:

Reading Assessment Stamps for Secondary Schools

To view the full guided reading stamp range - Click here