How I save time with a 'Parent's Signature' Stamp

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Parents Signature Teacher Marking Stamp Signature

With the new large format parent’s signature, self-inking stamp, marking and checking has been easier and instructions for students to get their test signed has also been clearer.

I therefore spend less of my time chasing the students to get their work signed and once it has been done, I no longer have to search for through the papers to find it as it stands out loud and clear.

I’m a French teacher and for my CM1 and CM2 students, I chose the English version of the ‘Parent’s Signature’ stamp and for my lower level classes, the French ‘Signature des parents’ version of the stamp.

Parents Signature Teacher Marking Stamp in the Classroom Signature Signature

They are easy to use, I really like the funky shape holder which sits in a snug fitting tray on my desk. I use the stamp for every test (so quite often!) and also for the ‘Bilan d’anglais’ for each semester’s report folder.

In summary I find it a real time saver for test and evaluation papersand would recommend it to any teacher facing the same type of marking mountain!

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Mdm Jane is an English Primary school grade teacher living in France. As well as teaching English and Chinese, Mdm Jane is a mother of 3 young children and therefore has the challenge of juggling the needs of home life and her career. As a 'true believer' in the power of reward stickers and stamps in the classroom, she writes for the Classroom Capers Blog to share her experiences and ideas with other teachers.