Announcing our all NEW School Stamps website!

New School Stamps Website Launched

We're very (VERY) excited to launch our new teacher stamps website -

Check it out - we've gone for a trendy orange theme to distinguish the site from its sister site, Classroom Capers. We've got a few other aesthetic changes in store to represent our move from offering just primary school stamps to encompassing secondary school stamps as well, so watch this space!

With what we believe to be the largest range of self-inking stock and custom stamps, we are now firmly established as a leading school stamps provider for the UK and French market, and as mentioned above our range now spans all school levels from pre-schools to secondary level.

This year alone, our huge range of self-inking stamps has grown to include:

  • small loyalty / reward style stamps
  • exclusive large format stamps, popular with teachers for assessment and checklist marking.
  • the lowest cost custom stamp on the market - cheap but quality assured by Xstamper
  • a low cost 'value range' available as singles as well as economy tray sets
  • pick 'n' mix tray and stamp box sets
  • custom stamp options in almost every shape and size

Indeed, our creative team are forever creating new stamp ideas and concepts, all designed to save teacher's time as well as perhaps to add a touch of fun to marking for both pupils and teachers!

While the School Stamps website is different you'll notice that it shares much of the functionality with Classroom Capers so if while shopping you would like to add some stickers, certificates, posters or any of our other school resources, you can switch between the sites while sharing the shopping cart. While on the subject of functionality, we've also added some clever 'widgets' to the site - these include a chat facility to answer quick questions while you browse and postcode lookup to ease the check out process.

So as you can see, we've been rather busy and we've got lots more in store.

Follow this link to see our new teacher stamp website: