The world's most beautiful custom stamp?

Small Teacher Custom Stamp


We're excited to announce yet another innovative teacher resource from Classroom Capers! We have promised to always be on the look out for new, great products and this custom stamp certainly fits the bill!

These super mini stamps are truly lovely. Not only do they look stunning, they feel quality too (could be because they are!).

As with all our custom stamps, they're easy to personalise online and for the first time, you can actually choose the barrel colour too which is a great advantage because they are so lovely!


I confess that the photo doesn't do the colour of the barrel justice, other than the black they're truly lovely pastel shades, you won't be disappointed.

The pink holder is a beautiful baby pink, the blue holder a lovely pastel powder blue, the green looks almost delicious (I'm getting carried away, sorry) in a pastel peppermint and the yellow colour reminds me of one of those scrummy sherbert covered bonbons you loved as a kid. The black is an impressive jet black,shiny and glossy. Who would have thought stamp barrels could be so creatively coloured and get me so excited!?!

The stamp image size available to personalise is 10mm across which is perfect for reward charts or maybe a small colourful stamp of approval in your students work books.There are 5 ink colours to choose from and we've a new selection of stamp images for you to choose from too, or of course, as with all our custom stamps, you can send us a clipart style image of your choice to use.

The overall size of the stamp is similar to a lipstick holder which means that it can be kept handy in your pocket as you walk around the classroom, in your pencil case or your handbag (or manbag!) - just don't get it confused with your lipstick!!!

Below is a copy of the stamp image grid, just to whet your appetite. If you'd like to see more details - click here to visit the product page.

You've most probably guessed that I love this new addition to our range. I've already ordered mine in a powder blue with a classic smiley face design and pink ink :0) 

Love it!
Any questions - just drop me a message in the comments box below.
Jo x

Small School Custom Stamp - Image Grid