Xclamations large format stampWelcoming Your New Best Friend in the Classroom; This Stamp Will Change the Way You Mark... For Good!

Ask any teacher what their most common complaint is, and they're likely to say 'marking'. Marking student work is all too often a time-consuming, frustrating process; especially if you're attempting to mark the work just by relying on your handy red biro.

A Revolutionary New Classroom Stamp

Of course, smiley-face stamps work wonders with students, and provide them with a really clear indication of where they've done well with their work. But stamps like these provide no space for teacher comment; which is a vital part of the assessment process.

After years spent working with teachers, we noted that the vast majority commented on this problem. Very few designs provided adequate room to write accompanying comments; which was frustrating, to say the least. So we resolved to solve the problem!

We're thrilled to announce our new range of classroom stamps, designed solely with the intention of making the marking experience more efficient and more productive.

With each stock and custom school stamp you can pick the ink colour of your choice, and we offer speedy delivery; with even bespoke stamps taking only 4-5 days on average. Each stamp lasts for around 2-3000 impressions, so you'll get good usage out of each one.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. of these self-inking stamps are covered by a 30 day no-quibble money back guarantee. Xstamper are committed to providing quality products and every stamp is tested prior to leaving our UK factory. In the unlikely event that your stamp does not perform to your expectations or develops a fault within 30 days of purchase, we will provide a replacement or refund.

Customisable Stamps for the Classroom Available in 3 sizes (11x6cm, 7x3cm, 5x5cm), each of our stamps come with a 'customise me' option; which allows you to alter the stamp to reflect your specific requirements. As you might imagine, this is a rather popular option, and even better if we think your design will appeal to other teachers, we’ll give you the stamp completely free!

The Revolution starts here...

Our range is constantly evolving and expanding so we've highlighted below our current, most popular titles in: (each item to link to relevant section below)

Introducing Literacy Marking and Feedback Stamps...

Our Literacy marking and feedback stamps have been custom-designed to make your life easier. They feature 4 sections, enabling you to provide feedback clearly and easily- WWW / EBI / marking checklist / spellings and importantly, space for pupils to sign they will action the feedback given. We have several large and medium designs for you to choose from.

Introducing Teacher and Self-assessment Stamps...

The Assessment stamps can be for formal feedback from the teacher or for self/peer assessment by the pupils. The wide handle grip works well with small hands the stamp is robust to cope with even the most enthusiastic pupils!

Introducing the Numeracy Marking & Feedback Stamps...

Our Numeracy range will soon have some new designs added. These 2 examples include marking checklists and grading.

Introducing the MFL Marking, Feedback and Target Stamps...

Spanning key stage 2, 3 and 4, these 3 Modern Foreign Languages stamps cover comprehensive marking checklists, feedback and target setting.

Introducing our Classroom Resource Stamps...

Designed to make things simpler in the classroom and save you money. For example, our clock-face stamp enables you to both teach and test time-telling; and our coins stamp features all eight coins, saving you the hassle of having to buy each image separately.

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