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So what's all this about?

Well firstly I must say its great to find a good product that's not only proved itself worthy of its success, but it's a British invention too. You may have seen the product on the BBC's Dragon's Den series where Deborah Meaden recognised the potential for the product and backed the idea.

We decided to put the product through its paces and now have notes - from A1 size, to the PostIt note small size - stuck or 'clung' (is there such a word?!) to the walls, furniture and windows! Guess what, it works! (Now there's no excuse for anyone to forget anything as we've got reminders everywhere!).

The sheets rely on static cling to attach itself so as long as the surface is flat and dust free, it will work. I can see you'll need to keep the clinging surface free of dust for it to keep working, however you simply need to clean it with a damp cloth - just like a whiteboard - to revitalise it. The packaging says it's useful for up to 20 uses, which may sound slightly limiting, but as long as you keep the surface that clings clean you can extend its useful life considerably.

So the fab parts about the Magic Whiteboard products are: 

1. That you can use it 'anywhere' so in the classroom you can make an impromtu display or teaching area without having to lug around a flipchart or have the children crowding around a table to see - you can simply place a sheet on the nearest wall, window, cupboard (you get the idea!) and off you go!

2. It's reusable, so you can decide to either 'store' your work by putting the sheet somewhere safe (high on the wall out of little fingers reach!) - the ink will totally rub off, even if you leave it for days - or of course, you can simply wipe it and use it again somewhere else.

3. It's environmentally friendly on 2 counts: first, it's made from recyclable film (I hate throwing away 'plastic') and second, you can let kids get creative all day, without wasting paper!

4. Lastly (I reckon this benefit was found by chance....) you can even stick up paper notes, kids pictures or photos with it so the sheet itself can be a label - magic! No more glue, tape, pins or bluetac - just think of the classroom display possibilities! Picture Displays, Word Walls, Spelling Tests, Timetables, Job Charts....

Feedback from teacher's so far has been phenomenal - I believe no classroom is complete without some!

The product is available as:

- a 20 metre roll with 25 A1 sheets that easily tear off it (not forgetting the equally amazing Magic Blackboard - with all the same benefits but using chalk instead - available as a 8 metre roll)

- A4 sheets - great for kids to get creative on, writing practice or maybe spelling / maths tests?...

- and Small Post It note size sheets - great for labelling work on displays, attaching artwork to walls and little reminder notes. 

I'm converted and am now off to use the sheets at home, I'm thinking of attaching some behind each kitchen door to write reminders and shopping lists! Or maybe the walls.... (at least I won't have to decorate again!!!)