New KS3 Literacy Feedback & Marking Teacher Stamp

Large Format Self-inking KS3 Literacy Stamp for Teachers


Based on our large format 'Nenga' Artline stamp, this self inking school literacy stamp has a big enough area to create 4 key marking, teaching and feedback areas that prompt teachers to maintain consistency in their marking and keep children updated with their progress in key literacy areas:

Key Stage 3 Large Format, Literacy Marking Stamper

Section 1 - 'This work is good because' Use this section to praise areas of work well done. Always a good idea to start here!

Section 2 - 'This would be even better if...' Also known as 'EBI' (Even Better If), this popular marking concept is used by many schools. This section expands on what is good about their work and encourages improvement with suggestions while pointing out subtely what wasn't quite correct or was omitted.

Section 3 - Don't forget:. Focusing on the key writing and punctuation skills you will often find yourself reminding children of - adding titles, dates, underlining, capital letters, paragraphs, presentation, spellings, punctuation, joined up writing and more! This section of the stamp alone will save you so much time and will prompt you to mark work in these skill areas.

Section 4: Spellings to practise: It's always tempting to provide a long list but using this stamp you can focus on a few each time you mark.

Within this area of the stamp is where the student signs to say that they have read your comments. While it doesn't prompt for a written or verbal response, what it does do is ask them to confirm that they have read and understood your feedback and that they will 'try to improve' their work. Asking for a signature is a great way of subtely encouraging children to take ownership of their learning and they'll love practicing their signature too! 

Colour options

This self-inking stamp is available in a choice of colours - Black, Blue, Green, Red and Violet.. Simply select your desired colour in the drop down option box on the product page.

Customise the stamp to your marking needs

If the stamp doesn't quite suit your requirements, there's no charge to change, tweak or add further elements. Simply email your requirements to and we'll produce a proof to send you of your design. All at no extra charge!

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New stamp designs coming soon!

We've more designs under production so watch this space for new large format stamps soon to be announced.