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Exciting new product! Introducing the ....

Pick ‘n mix French Stamper Box!

Exciting new product! Pick ‘n mix French Teacher Self-Inking Stamper Box!



Our self-inking teacher stamp box sets offer great value for money by vastly reducing the cost per stamp - now with our unique Pick ‘n Mix option they represent an even greater saving and ensure that every stamp included is what teachers need.

While we try our best to create box sets that contain marking or praise stamps that will be useful to all teachers, inevitably for some teachers, there may be stamps included that they won’t need quite so much. So while these 'spare' stamps aren't wasted money, as they will have some use over time, it does make the box option a little less attractive. So.... we put on our thinking caps and....


Our new Pick ‘n Mix option is the solution!


Just like the sweet shop mix, you can choose whatever you want in your box! (Yes, to us stamps are as tempting as sweets - we love them (and they're much better for our teeth!!!)).

With this new option, teachers can choose 6 self-inking designs to fill one of our lovely purple, stamp storage and holder boxes from our ever growing selection of French marking, praise and image only self-inking stamps.

So not only will teachers pay less per stamp and have a super duper box to keep them in, their investment will be well spent as their box set will only include stamps relevant to their marking and classroom needs – so there’s no wasted money. Impressed? We are, we're very excited about it! :0)

Our range of French language stamps is continually growing so we'll ensure our new stamp messages and designs are added to this Pick 'n Mix list for you to choose from. Incidentally, if you don't see a stamp message or stamper design you need, just drop us a note and we'll look into it for you (and send you a free one as a thank you for your suggestion).

Below is an image of the French language stamps range currently available but this will keep changing so make sure you check the product page for updates (Click here for the Pick 'n Mix teacher stamp product page)

All our current French Language Marking and Praise (including image only) Self-inking Stamps