Great Custom Multi-stamp Example

Great Custom Multi-stamp Example


We think this is a great example of how you can customise a multi-layer stamp with useful marking messages that will save you time and wrist ache writing the same thing over and over again!

Each layer of this stamp prints in a different ink colour and will last for 1000s of impressions. In case you can't read the image clearly, the 4 layers say the following:

  • - Read feedback and make improvements
  • - Work incomplete! Please finish it,
  • - Revise and learn this!
  • - Check my corrections!
  • - Keep up the high standard.

Custom multi-stamp options

This custom stamp is available in 2, 3,4 and 5 layer options so you can have as many layers as you need, there's a choice of 5 colours so you can have a different one for each layer and we have a wide range of images/icons for you to choose from.
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