School posters - why they are so good

School posters - why they are so good


What’s your school memories? Some good, some bad? In either scenario I bet your memories involve ‘colour.’ 

Think back to your infant school classroom, I bet you can remember the colour of your chair, where you hung your coat and what your classroom looked like. I bet you remember the classroom pet, your teachers’ favourite puppets for story time and what colour the times table posters were on the wall. 

Do you know why you remember this?

It is because 65% of the population are visual learners. Amazingly, our brains absorb visual information 60,000 times faster than text.  These statistics help clarify why classrooms when we were children and the classrooms of our own children now are so vibrant and colourful. It was more than just decoration it actually aided our learning. 

Studies have shown that visual aids in the classroom such as school posters, story aids and pictures improve learning by an unbelievable 400%! With such proven influence on learning, we shouldn’t confine the benefits to school, indeed we would be missing a huge opportunity if we think that school posters should be confined to the classroom. There couldn’t be a stronger case to display posters in your home.

School posters - why they are so good

School posters - why they are so good

Educational posters cover everything from the days of the week to times tables, from how an egg grows into a chicken to tricky mathematical subjects such as fractions or area and, not forgetting, behaviour or reward charts – every parent or teacher should discover the power of a reward sticker displayed on a chart! The huge range of educational posters available can be adapted or incorporated into daily life at home in order to support the development of your child and aid their scholastic learning. 

Here at Classroom Capers, we are a firm believer in the benefit of posters and are forever increasing our range of interesting and imaginative educational and motivational posters for a range of ages, covering a multitude of topics

Whether you are a teacher, teaching assistant, home educator or simply a pro active parent then we hope that this article inspires you to incorporate more visual stimulation into your classroom and homes.


In summary let’s not confine educational style posters to the classroom but add them to our toolbox to enhance our children’s learning.

To see examples of what we are talking about visit our poster selection.