Made to order stampSchool Stamps designs put to the test!

We already have one of the largest teacher stamp ranges in the UK but watch this space - it's going to get BIGGER!

With our shelves creaking under the weight of our many designs, we had to come up with a solution to keep expanding our range. So to fulfil our passion for stamps and with creativity that's continually flowing, from now on we'll be trialing some new designs on a made to order basis.

Made to order - benefits for everyone!

With so much experience creating stamps, we sometimes know what will work for teachers and so these stamps go straight into stock, on the shelf. However, we also like to experiment with some cool, whacky and less well known marking system stamps and for these we'll be offering them on a made to order basis initially. If  these new designs prove useful to teachers we'll promote them to our stock range and so they'll be available for immediate dispatch.

For us this means we can grow our range exponentially without risk, but more importantly it means for you that you'll discover a whole new range of exclusive stamps to suit you AND while the stamp is on trial you can order it in any of our 18 colour options at no extra cost!  If there's a downside then it has to be that as a made to order stamp it will take us 2-3 days to send your order, but we like to think that's a delay worth waiting for.

Look for the note (!)

The designs that are only available on a made to order basis will be clearly marked with the image above - as soon as the stamp promoted to our stocked range, we'll remove the image so you know it's available for immediate dispatch.

Designs for everyone and every occasion

Watch this space for seasonal, fun, cool school stamps as well as some new approaches to marking that we hope will make life easier. Exciting!