Re-inkable LargeTeacher Stamps: The Teacher’s New Best Friend

Reinkable Large Teacher Stamps


Many teachers are frustrated by the seemingly endless paperwork that reduces the amount of time directly spent with and for the children in their care. Here at Classroom Capers, we understand the stresses that teachers are placed under today, and we aim to streamline the marking process to give you more time to spend on the things you enjoy!

Our large Nenga Xstamper marking stamps have proved very popular, but with our new large stamp mount, we think teachers will be ecstatic! Unlike our Nenga, value large stamp, which can't be reinked, the new Xstamper N28 stamp will last for 50,000 impressions before being re-inked. This means you’ll save time and money, too, and you can design your stamp in the way that will work best for you. In fact, if we love your design, we’ll include it on our site as an option for other teachers to order, and you’ll get yours for free!

What’s the Benefit of Using Large Format Stamps For Your and Your School?

The benefits are truly tangible - we think you'll really appreciate all these benefits:

  1. Time saving . We all know how demanding it is for teachers in our current political climate, and any time we can save will directly benefit our students and our stress levels! Using a stamping system to mark books and work rather than having to write individual comments across hundreds of pieces of work can help you to streamline your marking and save you a lot of time. With large stamps the amount of marking content that can be checked at any one time is considerably more.
  2. Consistency . It’s not good for schools or for students when marking is inconsistent between different teaching staff and departments. Implementing a thorough and straightforward system using marking stamps can consolidate marking strategies, give departmental and whole school focused systems, and make marking a more useful exercise.
  3. Comprehensive . Specific school stamps can be created with individual school marking strategies in mind, allowing for a comprehensive system that enables a whole school approach that meets OFSTED requirements, and serves as an effective way to keep marking in line with current objectives, as well as being useful to students.
  4. Improves student engagement . A quick ‘well done’ stamp still has it's role to play in teacher marking, however our large stamps offer a complete system for detailed and effective feedback and they’re designed to make it easier for students to understand where they can make improvements and how they are meeting goals.
  5. Versatility. Here at Classroom Capers, we stock a huge range of stamps that can be used with this mount, enabling you to choose the most relevant options for your staff and your school. What's more, if the design doesn't quite fit your marking needs, this stamp is completely customisable so for a small supplement you can amend the checklist or wording to suit or you can change the whole design by ordering a custom stamp.You can explore our stock / subject options here .
  6. Up do date marking. All our designs are teacher created, so you can be sure that our stamps reflect current marking and curriculum needs.

Xstamper N28 Mount Information

As we have mentioned, our new large stamp comes in a range of teacher-created designs, which can either be tweaked to meet your needs, or if you need a more fundamental change, then you can purchase the large mount in either a 1 colour custom stamp , or a 2 colour custom stamp . In either case this fantabulous stamp offers you:

  • A re-inkable option so your investment will last a lifetime
  • 50,000 impressions before re-inking is required
  • A self inking stamp impression so no ink pad is required
  • A crisp image for top quality impressions
  • Incredible value for size
  • Xstamper's lifetime guarantee against defects
  • Free delivery as with all our products

Launch Promotion

We have an extra special offer to encourage trials of the stamp - we think once you've used it, you'll never look back.... During June and July 2016 we’re offering a 15% discount off orders for Nenga value stamps and N28 Premium stamps.

To claim your discount code simply email and title your email "Large Stamp Offer" and we'll email you a 15% discount code.

We look forward to hearing from you!