Using Classroom Stamps to Help With Self-Assessment in the Primary School

PYP-box-setAssessment plays a vital role in the classroom. The nature of assessment has changed a lot over the last few decades and no longer do teachers simply rely on awarding a grade at the end of a unit or piece of work. Instead, there's a strong focus on formative assessment; monitoring progress carefully throughout the child's learning experience, and encouraging self-reflection and self-evaluation.

Using Classroom Stamps for Assessment as Part of the PYP

Assessment in the PYP (Primary Years Programme) currently focuses on:

  • Guiding students through the 5 elements of learning (ideas, knowledge, skill, attitude and action).
  • Promoting continuous learning and development.
  • Celebrating achievement.
  • Setting goals and planning for further growth.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the learning.

Rather than simply zoning in on end results, assessment in the PYP is about viewing education as a continual process. It's also about encouraging students to do the same, and to take ownership of their own development.

However, this is easier said than done. Finding effective ways of ensuring pupils take an active role in assessing their work is no small task!

PYP classroom stamps are certainly one proven effective method of developing the skill of self-assessment and reflection.


'I am Doing Brilliantly' ...or 'I Need to Try Harder'?

This set of PYP school stamps work particularly well in the primary classroom - they're available as a 6 piece boxed set and as a 4 stamp set too. Each stamp features a reflective phrase, plus an image of a face to provide additional reference for the pupil. The stamps read:

  • I am doing brilliantly (big smiley face!)
  • I am doing really well (smile and wink)
  • I am doing well (smile)
  • I can do better (neutral expression)
  • I need to try harder (concerned face)
  • 6th stamp (box set) is a 2 stars and a wish stamp

The key to the success of these stamps is in their simplicity. Children easily grasp the 'meaning' of each stamp, and with the assistance of the teacher or teaching assistant, can reflect far more effectively on the work that they've produced. The bright colours and images add visual appeal, and students tend to enjoy the fun of using stamps on their work!

Bright Self-Assessment Stamps for the Classroom

Classroom Capers have a wide range of PYP stamps; all of which have been designed to assist students in taking control of their own development. You can see the full range here.