Picture Words Pocket Flash Cards

A wonderful resource for your classroom or for home learning! The game includes instructions to play in various ways including solo or with a partner.

  • Activity ideas to challenge growing skill levels
  • Handy 7.5cm x 12.5cm size makes cards great for travel
  • Cards feature rounded corners for quick sorting
  • Ages 4 & up
  • 56 cards
  • Sturdy storage box

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Additional Information

In Depth Picture Words Flash Cards

Picture Words Pocket Flash Cards

Pocket Flash Cards make learning picture words fun for children! It's easy to be a picture perfect reader with these fun-packed photo cards!

Look at the picture, read the word, turn the card over and read the word without the picture cue. You'll soon be a word whiz!

Categories! Have fun exploring categories! A category is made up of items that have one or more things in common. There are many different groups that your picture words will fit into. How many items can you find that can fall into the following categories: clothing, furniture, household items, school items, kitchen items, and bathroom items? Which items belong in more than one group? Can you separate the items into other types of groups? Make piles of items that are made out of wood, plastic, metal, fabric, or separate by colour. Have fun creating your own categories too!

Letter Fun! Can you find all of the cards that start with the letter B? How many are there? How about the other letters of the alphabet; can you separate all of the cards into groups by their first letters? How many groups do you have in all? How many cards are in each group? Try to think of more words that start with each letter of the alphabet. With help from an adult, you can create a long list and learn even more words. Soon you'll know words galore!

Off and Hunting! Do you have any of the items shown on the Picture Word Cards in your home? Sure you do! Start with the full stack and begin your hunt. Where is the broom kept? Can you find a toothbrush in your house? Where do you keep your bike helmet? It's fun to find items and learn where they belong. You can even have an adult time you to see how fast you can find the items. Have fun!

Picture Word Story! Shuffle your picture words and lay five cards in front of you. Can you use those words to tell a story? Use your imagination to tell stories that are silly or serious, fantasy or full of facts. You'll have fun making stories with friends, too. When you're done, lay out five more cards and start again. It's a new story every time!

Make Your Own! Use a blank card to make a flash card that shows you! Write your name in big letters on one side. On the other side, write your name again and draw a picture of yourself or paste on a photograph.

Game play instructions and activities sheets included.

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