Visual Learning in Primary Schools: Why Classroom Display Border Rolls can Greatly Assist with Learning and Development

Classroom Display Roll Borders / Trimmers

In recent years, three types of learners have been identified in the classroom. They are:

•  Visual: Those who find it easiest to assimilate and process information when it is presented in a visual format.

•  Auditory: Those who learn most effectively by listening to something, rather than seeing it.

•  Kinaesthetic: Also known as tactile learning, kinaesthetic learners learn most productively when involved in an activity, or through touching and feeling something.

It’s perhaps unsurprising to know that visual learning is the most effective form of learning for a significant majority of students; with exact figures estimated at somewhere around the 60% mark. As a result, it’s really important to ensure that you’re providing enough visual stimulation in the classroom, in order to maximise learning opportunities.

How Classroom Display Resources Can Help

Next time you’re teaching, take some time to observe your students carefully. It’s likely that you’ll start to notice just how much they look around themselves; at their fellow students, out of the window, and of course, at the walls.
This isn’t necessarily a sign of wandering attention. In fact, quite the opposite. When exhibiting this type of behaviour, it’s a very natural process, and is their way of seeking further information to absorb as part of their visual learning experience. As a result, providing them with an interesting, informative classroom display border roll is a great opportunity to extend their learning.

Types of Classroom Display Material that Work Most Effectively

As a general rule, classroom displays are most effective when they’re colourful, bold and simple to process. Border rolls work particularly well, as the human eye is naturally trained from a young age to read from left to right, and will follow this pattern when scanning a wall.

Here are just a few inspirational classroom display border rolls:

Alphabet display borders

Alphabet border roll. Help your students to develop familiarity with letters with a fun alphabet display , which will really complement your teaching.

World Flags display borders

World Flags classroom border roll. This bright, fun display of some of the world's flags will really complement the teaching of Geography in the primary classroom, and help them gain better understanding of the world around them.

Union Jack Flag roll borders

Union Jack Flag borders. Great for supporting UK history and British geography topicsat any key stage - this generic flag design has so many uses in the classroom, school hall, anywhere! .

Other designs include French Flag borders, Dinosaur Timeline roll borders, Space Alien Robots display borders, Olympic Sports Borders - Click here to see the full range of roll border designs.

Maximise on your student's visual learning capacity by making your classroom walls as interesting and engaging as possible!