Encouraging Quality Student Verbal Responses in Class


Think - Pair - Square - Share

This is an excellent way of increasing student’s verbal responses in lessons. It focuses on getting quality student responses and can be used in all subjects really easily.

This strategy enables you to quickly engage the whole class in a range of skills without losing any time, moving any furniture or formulating groups. Think-Pair-Square-Share is a series of steps that involve no preparation from you, yet will make the students move through the stages of individual work, paired work and group work before feeding back to the whole class with effortless ease!

Teacher Tips and Development - Encourage Verbal Responses in the classroom

This strategy is at its best when you want to turn quantity of ideas into quality of ideas. The first two phases concentrate on quantity and the last two on quality.

Think-Pair-Square-Share is so much more engaging for students and is less work for you!

This article is written by Sarah Conway and is an excerpt taken from a monthly newsletter written by Rachel Kelly, Assistant Head and AST at The Urswick School in Hackney, London. We thank the school for allowing us to share their great articles and we hope it will prove useful and insightful to our followers.