Using Teacher Stamps to Get the Most from Your Marking: The Traffic Light Marking System at KS1 & 2

Three colour, three faces, self-assessment teacher stamp

In recent years, there's been a lot of importance placed upon assessment at primary level. Though aspects of primary assessment have been contentious, it's undeniable that assessment, when done properly, can be a really productive part of the education process.

Teacher Stamps with Traffic Light Colouring and Smiley Faces? How Can That Help?

It's a valid question. Why get a stamp when a comment with a biro will serve the just as well?

Ultimately, regardless of what assessment method you choose to use in the primary classroom, the most important thing to always keep in mind is that there must be a purpose behind it. The assessment must provide something tangible, something that is of use to the child and can help them to progress.

The ‘traffic light' system of marking works on the premise of: 3 faces, traffic light assessment system

  • Red: Requires work / Not quite right
  • Amber: Nearly right, just needs a bit more work
  • Green: Perfect!

It's basic, but very effective. From an early age, children are aware of traffic lights and of what they mean. They can translate this meaning into their own work, forging the link that ‘red' means that they're not heading in the right direction, and that ‘green' means that they've managed to grasp the subject well.

It gives the assessment solid meaning. Rather than a comment, which can be misunderstood, the traffic light teacher stamp provides a solid indicator of how close they are to understanding the topic.

Smiley Face School Stamp

Smiley Faces All Round!

For KS1 & 2, smiley faces also work well. (We think they do for adults too; they're just not so keen to admit it!) The smiley face, once again, is a powerful visual image of approval.

Our self-assessment teaching stamp is a great way of getting pupils to think about their work proactively, asking themselves vital questions, such as ‘how can I improve this', or ‘what do I need to do to move into the green and out of the amber?'

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As an added bonus, our self-assessment teaching stamp is also made from fully recycled materials; admittedly that might be a little off-topic, but it's good to know!

Teacher stamps - good for the environment as well as students!