Introducing new Xstamper 3-in-1 sets

Xstamper 3-in-1 School Marking Multi-stampXstamper Lifetime Guarantee Xstamper Promotion Until 28 March 14

We’re a huge fan of the 3-in-1 Xstamper as it offers an unparalleled selection of teacher marking and praise messages to choose from. In addition to the many stock (of the shelf) school stamp messages, we’ve created a large number of Classroom Capers exclusive designs.

Many of the Capers 3-in-1 stamp designs are targeted at secondary schools whose teachers have huge amounts of homework and test marking (poor things!) and require more ‘serious’ marking messages with more ‘grown up’ images.

To ease you through the many stamp design options, we’ve put together a selection of pre-filled stamp sets – messages that complement each other to create a really useful teacher stamp. If they match your requirements exactly, with maybe one of the stamps not being what you need – it’s no problem just select the 3 stamps you need individually instead. The holder automatically included in the price with purchases of 3 stamps and what’s more, our lovely ladies will pre-load the holder for you so it can jump into action as soon as it arrives!

We’ll continue to add to this pre-filled stamp range but for now have the following available (click the image to view the product page):


Xstamper3-in-1 Pre-filled set:  TA Assisted, Teacher Assisted, Independent Work. Xstamper3-in-1 Pre-filled set: Improvement tips and feedback set. Xstamper3-in-1 Pre-filled set: Good work praise marking set.
Xstamper3-in-1 Pre-filled set: Presentation focus marking stamp set including Verbal feedback given . Xstamper3-in-1 Pre-filled set: How long did this take, Remember take care..., Good practical work - teacher marking stamps. Xstamper3-in-1 Pre-filled set: Handed in late, Seen by teacher, Verbal feedback given - teacher marking stamps.

Xstamper Lifetime Guarantee

Did you know that the Xstamper comes with a lifetime guarantee? How cool is that! Find out more below:

Xstamper stamps and holders guaranteed for life (not just for Christmas!)

Xstamper are so confident in the quality of their stamp, they offer a lifetime guarantee – how fantastic is that?!

As long as your stamp is a genuine product (and of course all ours are!), should anything go wrong with the mechanism or if any of the stamps are of poor quality or damaged then they will be replaced free of charge.
There’s no complicated guarantee conditions or tiny print to read, it simply needs to be a genuine Xstamper, being used properly with the correct Xstamper ink, then if there’s a problem it will be replaced free.

So while this may not be the cheapest multi-stamper around, its huge stamp message range for you to initially choose from, the fact that the stamps can be exchanged changed as your teaching /marking requirements change, combined with its lifetime guarantee make it an extremely risk free, worthy and wise investment (also known as a 'no brainer' decision in my world!).