New Scented Pencils - Great End of Term Gift

New Smelly Pencils - Great Class Gift for End of Term Teacher Gift


Banana Split anyone? Strawberry Shortcake? What about scrummy Chocolate or Cool Cola?  These delicious smelling pencils are very appealing!

Scented gifts are always popular with children - they love the sweet smelling scent. Many of the smelly products available on the market cost a premium which is fine for 1 or 2 gifts but as a teacher, wanting to give their students a token farewell gift, multiply this by around 30 and it's crazy money.

That's why we sought out this new range of pencils - we had great fun with the kids testing the various scents available and narrowed it down to Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana and Cola. (Banana is my favourite!)

The scent is embedded in the barrel of the pencil so if it starts to fade, a rub along the printed area refreshes the smell.

Available in packs of 12 pencils or as a great value bulk box of 144 pencils - click here to see the smelly pencil range. We also include these pencils in our pre-filled class gift bags so if you're looking for a complete, delivered to your door, ready to hand out gift solution - here it is! Click here