Self-inking teacher stamps

9 Reasons to invest in a teacher self-inking stamp

It could be said that self-inking stamps have revolutionalised teacher’s marking and added a powerful motivational and reward tool to their tool box. Maybe that’s a bit strong, but our experience proves that you should never underestimate the power of a reward sticker and we believe that teacher stamp messages on children’s work or charts carry the same influence.

Self-inking stampers are a low-key, low-cost innovation that can deliver great time savings and results for you as a teacher. Here’s an outline of the benefits they can offer you:

1. Minimise marking time. Self-inking stamps make monotonous, time consuming work easier to get through.

2. Create powerful rewards. Classroom Capers has done experiments with primary schools to prove the power of a reward sticker and we firmly believe that using a stamper the same way will offer the same level of incentive. As with a children’s sticker, it’s the combination of a fun image and message from the teacher that the kids love. Personalised stickers, carrying the teacher’s name or class ‘catch phrase’ are even more sought after by children and can therefore be even more influencial in motivating good behaviour or work.

3. A fast, less messy option. Self-inking as oppose to regular rubber stamps are faster to use and less messy as there’s no need to carry a potentially messy, separate ink pad around with you. They can therefore reduce mess and clutter on your desk or in your drawer. Without the messy inkpad to worry about, there are no smudges or spills to clean up.

4. Repetitive messages sorted! If you find yourself constantly writing out the same message – whether a well done reward message or a more motivational ‘Improving’ style message then a self-inking stamp could help you save a lot of time (and wrist ache!).

5. Personalised Stamps option just for you. All sizes of stampers can be customised with your own image or text. There are many designs of self-inking stamp available, so it’s quite possible you can find a stamp message already in stock to suit your needs – Classroom Capers has a huge range available. Alternatively, if you have a special message or prefer to have a custom design, it’s an easy process to create your own. Customised self-inking stamps add a great personal and decorative touch that children will appreciate. You can choose the wording, image design and colour to truly make it your own.

6. Minimal cost. Off the shelf stampers cost around £5 whereas the same size customised stamp will cost around £10. Both offer you 1000s of impressions before requiring re-inking so will offer great time savings which makes them great value for money.

7. A sound investment. Most self-inking stamps are re-inkable which extends their life and your investment further. 

Refills for Teacher Self-inking Stamps

8. Consistency. Thanks to advances in technology, today’s self-inking stampers provide a clear, consistent image for 1000s of impression / uses so you as long as you look after your stamp you can be sure it will be ready to work for you.

9. Stamp size versus cost. The size stamper you need and therefore the price, is determined by the amount of text and size of image you are looking for. The larger the image you wish to stamp, the larger the stamp mount and therefore the cost. Most teacher stamps are either 11mm or 20mm diameter – Classroom Capers stocks a great range of these which cost around £5-6 per mount including VAT and Free UK & EU delivery. Classroom Capers custom stamp service offer you the chance to personalise your messages by changing the wording, image design and ink colour - they cost around £8-10 each which isn’t much more when you consider it’s made unique for you. You have the choice of choosing from their large range of image designs or you can send them your own to use.

So there you have it. Self-inking stampers are a must have resource for every teacher. Whether for fun, motivational message for primary school children or more serious, marking messages for older children. They save you time, effort and as either a stock, off the shelf or customised option they won’t cost the earth – a truly wise investment!

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