School Educational Posters Provide Amusement in the Office


Educational Posters for Schools Selling Well!

Spot Sam behind the tower of poster boxes....

All our school posters are shipped out in robust, square tubes. Sending in this packaging, as oppose to small round tubes means that they easily uncurl and so can be easily wall mounted. In our experience, tubes tightly overcurl the posters so they need to be flattened (I usually get the iron out!) before they can be put up on the wall.

As the poster boxes are square this means they also provide plenty of opportunity to create poster walls or towers - I'm not sure what our record is to date, but who knows, we it could be a first for the Guinness World Record book! (Don't worry, they leave the office in perfect shape!) They do say 'simple things please simple minds' but I wouldn't say that outloud as Sam might be offended (and I'm just as guilty of creatively balancing the posters too!) - so don't tell her!

Our aim is to have one of the most comprehensive ranges of school and educational posters available so the list of poster titles is constantly growing (hence the size of the tower!). Our range currently spans Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 posters but many of the poster titles, especially the designs that target motivation and words of wisdom are just as useful to adult environments like the office and even at home.

So in conclusion, we love posters and will soon have even more in stock so watch this space (that's if there's any left after our wall building!)

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