Free School Poster OfferOffer EXTENDED until 30 Oct! 

Buy 2 educational posters and get 2 free!








All the sun and Olympic Golds have gone to our heads! We're giving away 2 of our TA range of posters free with every purchase of 2 at full price.  

Add some instant colour to your classroom displays with our fun but educational children's posters - great as school posters or in children's clubs - in fact anywhere where there's a message you want to reinforce to kids. 

Simply select 4 of our TA pre-fix coded posters (e.g. TA1234) and add them to your cart - the cost for 2 will then be deducted from your total cost.

(Shall I tell you a secret? (checks over her shoulder Wink ) If you buy more than 4 you get every extra one at half price too - not sure if it's a glitch in the programming but 'whatever' grab them while you can!!! Laughing )

Not forgetting, 'buy 2 get 1 free' applies to all our posters all year round.

Can't be bad. Keep that summer madness coming!!