New Customised Marking Stickers for Teachers

Personalised Marking Stickers with Impact!

Our new, colourful range of English and French personalised marking stickers offer a fun but effective way of getting your marking comments across.  Unmissable on the page, they’re a great way of getting a serious message across, and with your customised message displayed as well – whether your name, the class or school name – they add impact to the message and won’t be forgotten.

Conveniently sized and shaped to work with project books, you’ll find 65 stickers on one sheet so they represent great value for money and will last for some time. Kept on hand, this bright and colourful selection of marking stickers will save you time and perhaps (?!) add a touch of pleasure to your marking and assessing work.

This newly launched range of English and French marking messages cover the most repeated comments you should need but we’re always looking to expand our range so contact us with any suggestions for new stickers and keep your eye on our range for new designs.

Check out the designs at: 

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