New French marking stamp -Devoirs non faits New French marking stamp -Leçon non sue









2 New French Marking Stamps - Devoirs non faits and Leçon non sue

We hope our French teachers will find these 2 new, self-inking marking stamps of great use. Designed to help you deliver a serious message but in a 'nice, cute' way, these 2 stampers will remind children that their homework is either incomplete or non done.

The Devoirs non faits stamp features a rather sad looking frog on a log (!) in red ink. To view click here.

The Leçon non sue stamp features a cute but unsure, questioning puppy in orange ink. To view click here.

As well as our Buy more and Save offers, you can also save more by buying these 2 stamps as a set - click here to view.

Each stamp is made by leading brand, Xclamations so you can be assured of its quality. Stamps will last for 1000s of uses / impressions and can also be reinked.

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