Moustache design custom stamp - Do you get the joke?

Custom teacher stamp - Moustache - cool or not?

Moustache designs have been appearing everywhere so I thought why not in the classroom? There might be some young and trendy teachers out there that would like to incorporate this into their custom marking stamp design. It would certainly impress the students!

So..... I came up with this as an example of what it could look like. The moustache definitely looks fun (and maybe trendy?) - but do you get the joke? No one else here did :0(

I thought it quite clever, but it's obviously not funny if you have to explain it.... but anyway the joke is 'Moustache' sounds like 'Must ask' - got it? -  'I must ask / moustache you to check your spelling!' Funny? Yes? No?

Currently the moustache isn't included in our image list on our custom stamp page - but should you fancy it (with or without my joke!) simply select 'Own Design' in the image drop down box and drop me an email to say this is what you fancy. You could be setting the new standard in trendy teacher stamps! Checkout the custom range here - click here.

To let you into a secret - we're stocking some moustache borders and other classroom resources end of April, so this stamp would match perfectly! Watch out for the product announcement here when these exciting resources arrive.