Teacher Marking Stickers to Customise

Let Marking Stickers Make Your Teaching Life Easier

As the number of pupils in each class increases and the number of classes teachers juggle each day gets bigger, teachers need time saving ideas to enable them to spend less time on marking and more time on lesson planning and focussing on their students.


Marking stickers are a great tool in helping save precious time when marking. They are a fun but intelligent way of responding effectively to the needs of their pupils and the restraints of their time as a teacher. Critique is always personal to the individual pupil but a quick ‘Well Done’ on a high test score or a ‘Great Poem’ on a piece of creative writing work in a brightly coloured sticker can be more than enough to give the pupil a metaphorical pat on the back.


By replacing quick comments with stickers you aren’t devaluing a pupil’s success but you will be saving your own time by not having to repeat the same messages over and over again. If the work you are marking is a simple in book test to recap what you have been teaching that week, replacing your response with a sticker will save you both time and energy that can be better spent elsewhere.


Marking is without question a teacher’s least favourite element to their job. It is time consuming and on occasion repetitive. Fortunately by mixing up your work with some marking stickers will make the process both quicker for you and more enjoyable for your pupils (and you?!?). Classroom Capers has an expanding range of personalised marking stickers that cover a wealth of regular phrases as well as the more traditional, ‘Well Done,’ ‘Nice Job,’ ‘Bravo’etc. 


Recently a range of French marking stickers have been added, as with the English stickers, this range is constantly growing. So while we have lots of new custom sticker designs planned we're always happy to hear suggestions from our customers who in return will get a sheet of their suggested personalised sticker free!


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