New Custom Stamp for the Classroom – Cheapest Price Available

New custom stamp with new image options

Launching a new product is always guaranteed to get the Classroom Capers team in a state of excitement; and this innovative classroom stamp is no exception!

Not only is this new teacher stamp at an amazing low cost price but we have some super new images that you can choose from to customise the stamp (see the grid displayed below. These new stamps are available in a choice of 8 ink colours including pink, gold, and orange; so you can tailor it fully to your requirements.

Now that's what we call exciting!

Xstamper: A Mark of Quality

Xstamper are one of the most reliable names on the market, and as a result, when you purchase one of their stamps, you know that you're buying top quality! This Xstamper classroom stamp is built to last up to 2000 stamps and features a large image area, which gives you a lot more freedom when using it. Instead of the usual reds, blues and greens, it uses really attractive pastel colours, which creates a great effect on paper.

As an Xstamper stamp, it's also under the standard quality guarantee, which provides added peace of mind.

Why Cheaper?

You won't find this stamp cheaper anywhere else, and there's a reason for that! It's only available in limited numbers, as it's a discontinued mount; which is why we're selling it for a lot cheaper than standard price.

However, numbers of this custom stamp are limited, so if you'd like to have one to use in your classroom, it's a good idea to purchase quickly.

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New image options - school custom stamps