Celebration Kids Crowns Reduced!

Kids Paper Crowns Reduced!


To just £10.79 (was £12.99) per pack of 30, including VAT and delivery.

These super duper crowns are made from sturdy card and are fully adjustable to fit little heads.

They come in packs of 30 so depending on how you use them, they'll last you for ages.

Don't forget all our prices INCLUDE First Class delivery (Priority mail for our EU customers) and VAT so there's no hidden costs or minimum order value.

Order before 1pm and we'll send them the same day so you should get them the next working day!



Choose from a birthday crown design which doubles up as a party hat so is great for kids parties. Either way children feel extra special wearing them and letting the world know it's their special day.

The blank star crown design opens up a wealth of ways you can use them. Leave them blank or personalise the crown with the child's name or perhaps the name of an award they have won - such as Star of the Week or Class Star. Alternatively, for birthday parties they're a quality alternative to party hats and can be personalised with each party guest's name so everyone feels special.

The last design is a classic Star of the Week crown design and is a super way to reward early years or Key Stage 1 pupils for the extra effort they've put in that week, not fogetting the motivation for the rest of the class wanting to win their own crown award the next week!

All designs are on special offer until we've cleared some space for our builders to get cracking on our new office - it's all very exciting!

You'll find the crowns listed in our Web bargains shop but here's a quick link to take you to them directly - click here.