HOO HA! Times Table Game


The HOO HA! times table card game is a the fun new way for children to learn their times tables

Most of us learned our times tables by rote, but this new game offers a new solution that is proving itself most worthy of attention both as a school and home educational game.

Launched last year, this game coincides with the new education guidelines that state that children should know their times tables by the age of nine (Year 4). It’s immediate success is obvious with over 1300 schools now using it as part of their maths lessons and accolades such as:


  • - Silver Award winner Top Toy 2011 (Independent Newspaper Oct 13th 2011) 
  • - Praise in the Times Newspaper as “ One of the cleverest games based approaches to learning times tables”
  • - A feature in the Daily Telegraph as part of their numeracy campaign
  • - Great reviews on Amazon, Mumsnet, Netmums, Independent Newspaper, and Babbleabout.
  • - Attention in a forthcoming Guardian Newspaper feature (Oct / Nov 12)


So why is HOO HA! so good?

HOO HA! is a times tables visual memory card game that is easy to learn, fun to play, captivating, motivating and genuinely educational.


  • - It uses four learning styles (aural, oral, visual and kinaesthetic) to aid recall and improve concentration and develop spatial awareness
  • - Not only do the kids love playing the game but it's also a real 'Parent pleaser' so it takes the stress out of learning for all concerned 
  • - An additional significant benefit of the game is that it introduces the importance of speaking and listening, which is often overlooked in the teaching of maths generally. 
  • - Lastly, because of its multi sensory nature, the game can be accessed by children who are dyslexic as well as those who are autistic.

The HOO HA Game OptionsClass Pack Size

There are three box sets in the range for different age and Key Stages, sold as individual or class size packs:



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HOO HA! Launch PromotionExclusive HOO HA! sticker

First 25 HOO HA! orders will receive a sheet of 35 special game stickers so each child can proudly display their achievement with a big HOO HA!