Go Green Week 9-15 Feb 2015 - Are you going green?

Go Green Week for Schools 2015



It’s Go Green week from February 9th – 15th and this is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness in the classroom about all things green!

Perhaps you could find a way to work an activity into your lesson plan that would help your class come together to help some way towards looking after the environment?

There are lots of ideas from simply planting saplings, to running quizzes about energy and recycling, looking at how climate change is affecting the earth, stepping outside into the playground or school field to look at the local wildlife or for much grander schemes, how about building a greenhouse from plastic bottles?!



Keep it Simple...

Starting with the simple things will ultimately help children develop long term awareness about the impact of their actions on the world around them.

If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got a great selection of environmentally themed products to help brighten up your classroom and to reward your students. Why not reward great ideas with stickers or our Earth Care picture cards which you can use as certificates throughout the week - you could set a challenge at the beginning of the week and see who comes up with the best recycling ideas each day.

Reinforce Going Green with Colourful Displays




Brightening up your classroom displays with bright borders and eco message posters too will help make lessons fun and bring your classroom to life re-enforcing your teaching! With reusable wall charts, and 100% recycled eco friendly pencils, we at Classroom Capers are doing our little bit for the environment too!



Capers range of eco resources include certificates, personalised stickers, classroom borders, posters, recycled pencils (great for classroom rewards) and more! Check out the full range of resources to support your Go Green week here

Click here for the official website which offers lots of ideas and free download resources.