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Storage Box for up to 6 self-inking School Stamps

New Teacher Stamp Box Sets and Free Stamp Storage Box Offer!

Our new self-inking stamp storage box really is super! Holding up to 6 round stamps, it will keep them safe and organised at school and on the move.

We liked it so much we created some new stamp box sets that save a whopping 40-45% off buying the stamps individually! What's more, if you prefer to pick and mix your own stamp set, this great new classroom resource is now FREE with purchases of 6 or more stamps!

Checkout our new self-inking teacher stamp box sets here and watch out for new sets soon to be announced:

EnglishEnglish Marking & Praise self-inking Teacher Set
French Marking Self-inking Teacher Set 1French Marking Teacher Stamp Set 1
French Marking Self-inking Teacher Set 2French Marking Teacher Stamp Set 1
FrenchFrench Praise self-inking Teacher Set

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