Student Name LabelsCreate puzzles to add a fun, manipulative element to flash card play.

Materials Needed:

  1. Picture Words Pocket Flash Cards
  2. Scissors
  3. Optional: Lamination for durability


  1. Remove all the cards from the box. If desired, laminate all pieces for durability and trim excess film from edges.
  2. Decide the best way to cut the cards to meet your desired learning objective. Cards can be cut into two, three, or more pieces by looking at the front or the back of the card. The cuts can separate the word from the picture, parts of a word, etc.
  3. Make cuts to separate cards in the desired locations.
  4. Make sure that cuts are clean so that the pieces will match up nicely when students are putting the puzzles back together.

Instructions above can be used with other Pocket Flash Cards.