Capers Exclusive - First World War Poster in Conjunction with Britain at War Magazine


First World War School Poster - Exclusive with Britain at War Magazine

First World War

Created to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of this world war in 1914, this poster is the first of our UK war based posters that focus on pivital moments in our country's history.

We are truly excited and proud to have worked with the Editor of Britain at War magazine to bring you this superb First World War school poster targeted at secondary school students who will be studying this topic over the next few years.

This superb poster, brings this event to life through real-life photos as well as text that summarises the main aspects of this war. In addition, a map of Europe detailing the Allied, Neutral and Central Power countries during the war and a detailed time line (1914-1918) , using a poppy, an icon of the war, clearly demonstrates and brings to life this event to life and in a concise way young students will understand and appreciate.

We would like to sincerely thank Britain at War Magazine for this opportunity to work with them and we look forward to our next poster which will detail World War II for our primary school target audience.

For more detail on our First World War, 100 years anniversary poster, click here.