End of Term Activities to Keep Students Smiling

End of Summer Term Nearly Here!





Hooray! It’s nearly the summer holidays, and the time for relaxing in the garden, or heading off on holidays is fast approaching!

However, before you start dusting off the sun lounger, there’s the small matter of the end of summer term to attend to. An exciting time of year, it’s a great time for students and staff alike to celebrate achievements, and enjoy a bit of light-hearted fun before school breaks up.



End of Term Activities: Some Great Ideas for Your Class

We often get asked for resources that keep kids engaged, even when excited about the end of the term. Here are just a few of our favourite ideas to ensure the last few days run as smoothly as possible.

Class Size Bingo- Educational Games for End of Term Activities Play some bingo!
Bingo is a simple, brilliant way of keeping kids amused (not to mention calm and focused). For whole class bingo (or small group bingo) with an educational twist, have a look at our maths, alphabet or fun landmark inspired bingo, or for younger kids, shapes and colours bingo.
Personalised Certifiates- Educational Games for End of Term Activities Personalised Certificates. Children always enjoy activities that include some healthy competition. Celebrate the achievement with our personalised certificates, and for those who are in Year 6 and about to leave for secondary school, mark the occasion with our special ‘Good bye and Good Luck’ personalised certificate – we’ve no doubt they’ll keep it as a momento to look back on.
Bookmarks - End of Term Activities Use Books for Inspiration. Children love using their imaginations. Use their favourite books as a starting point for developing a drama activity, or creating a poster, based on their favourite literary characters. Our bookmarks make great rewards for exceptional effort and don’t cost the earth.

End of Term Gifts: Low Cost, Easy Options

Pre-filled Gift Bags If you’re looking for great gifts for your class on the last day of term, low cost goody / kids gift bags, are a great idea. They save you time shopping looking for ideas kids can’t easily buy themselves and they arrive all packed ready to hand out – which can be quite a relief at this time of year! Gift bags start from only £1 each and are filled with fun games and activities, including stickers, colouring and a quirky ‘cootie catcher’! Pre-filled End of Term Gift Bags
Small gifts There's a great range of low cost options to choose from - our most popular choices are bookmarks, scented pencils and pens, erasers no-sugar lollipops. You can also buy our cool stripey bags separately too if you want a little bag to present them in. Striped bags for End of Term Gift Bags

If you need further inspiration, feel free to browse the Classroom Capers site, for personalised stickers, personalised certificates, educational games and more!