Personalised Stickers to Customise

Article - Customised Stickers: Innovative and Inspiring



It is a well known fact that positive reinforcement through the use of educational stickers in the classroom is a proven technique for motivating pupils and maintaining a focussed class. 


But what happens if you can't find the exact kind of stickers you are looking for? The answer is easy, why not invest time in creating some personal, customised stickers?


Customised stickers are a great way to create positive impact with a personal touch - personlisation never fails to impress. Even in these days of personalisation on lots of products, seeing a name or personal message still creates a sense of wonder in the young. We offer a range of packages including single and mixed design. Whatever you have in mind, you can be sure they will deliver the impact you aim to achieve – a big, proud smile!


Customised Stickers are a great idea to truly giving your class or group a strong sense of belonging and identity. They work perfectly for class projects, reward strategies, attendance, or to remain in keeping with current social events such as the Olympics. Whether it is Climate Week, praise for a job well done from the teacher or a project on the history of the Modern Olympics, Gold, Silver and Bronze stickers can be made quickly, to your specification.


Excitement is contagious, which is why reward stickers work so well in school or organised clubs. They bring together a sense of unity, fuel aspirations and improve a child's sense of self. These benefits however are only possible if the stickers you are using to reward them with are appropriate for the situation. Whilst traditional gold stars will give children a sense of achievement and satisfaction, customised stickers will inspire them and make them feel as though the reward is equal to the effort put in.


Don't fret though, you don't have to be creative in order to generate your own customised stickers, there are plenty of templates on offer for those who have limited design skills. School or club logo's can also be included for a small additional fee.


Our Customised stickers are a great way to inspire and reward your pupils or group members, so why not take a look at what we can do for you by taking a look on what we have to offer. Whatever the event or occasion or even if you are just looking to create your own design we can help create the right stickers for you.


Choose from our wealth of designs or let us know what you are looking for and we'll create it for you. Enjoy!