Christmas Custom Stamps Now Available

We're excited to offer teachers festive design options in addition to our personalised self-inking stamp options.

Christmas Designs - Personalised Custom Self-inking Stamps for Teachers

Bonfire night is over and so the countdown to Christmas is REALLY upon us.

Choose one of these cute, cool and cuddly images as your central image then add a unique message with personalised wording top and bottom of stamp.

It couldn't be simpler to order a stamp:

- Step 1 - Choose an image or you can send us yours by email (see below)

- Step 2 - Choose a colour for your ink (Violet is very popular although I feel green and red may be the preference for this Christmas collection....)

- Step 3 - Create your words. You have 18 characters (that counts spaces too) top of the image and the same underneath it. You can opt for wording just top or just bottom or of course, none at all.

Don't forget you can add an image of your own – the picture needs to be a line art image, if you look at the stamper stock images we suggest then you'll get the idea. Simply email it to - our production team will let you know if they don't think it will be suitable.

If you have any concerns at all about images or would like some help with searching for a stamper image, just drop us an email and we'll check our extensive library for you – it's all part of the Classroom Capers service!

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