Personalised Custom Self-inking Stamps for Teachers


Custom stampers have arrived!

We're excited to now offer teachers personalised self-inking stamper options.


Self-inking stampers offer teachers time savings when marking and an effective way of motivating or rewarding children's effort with their work.

So it is no wonder they're so popular with teachers today. Technology for stamps and moved on far and beyond the wooden handled stamp of yesterday that needed a separate ink pad. Now stampers are self-inking and can offer up to 10,000 stamp impressions without reinking (quite remarkable if you think about it?!).

Even more amazing is that now it is possible to customise the stamper with your own wording and image. This added personalisation increases the impact of the stamper message further, adding a ‘wow' factor that will impress the class.

With all this in mind we did our research and came up with 2 self-inking stamper options for teachers:

- Option 1 offers a 20mm stamp which is in a typical format that teachers will recognise. While the stamper image base is round, any shape image can used as long as it fits in the space. See the range of stock images for this stamper here.

- Option 2 is a compact rectangular stamp which maybe less cumbersome to take around and the additional benefit of this stamper is that it offers a larger image space (31 x 26mm). Again, within this size you can use an image of any shape and you can choose whether the wordings goes straight (along the top or bottom) or around the image so it's really versatile. See the range of stock images for this stamper here.

Not restricted to just young school children (early years through to Key Stage 1) – stamps are well received by older kids (Key Stage 2 onwards) so in response to teacher requests we created some sample images to suit this older age range. See the range of images added (so far) by clicking here : We'll soon be added these to the larger stamper (Option 2) as well. 

Don't forget you can add an image of your own – the picture needs to be a line art image, if you look at the stamper stock images we suggest then you'll get the idea. Our favourite custom image so far is one that includes a Hogwarts style logo – really cool!

If you have any concerns at all about images or would like some help with searching for a stamper image, just drop us an email and we'll check our extensive library for you – it's all part of the Classroom Capers service!</p> <p class=">To see the range of personalised, custom stampers Click Here