CTP1194 Display Letters

I've just made a discovery....

I confess that I haven't actually opened a pack of these classroom display letters before - they looked lovely on the web site and in the packet so I didn't feel the need. 


However, last weekend I needed to make an 80th birthday banner for my Dad and normally, being a bit 'arty' I would draw it free hand, however time was against me so I needed an instant solution. So I raided the stock room and chose a pack of these display letters as they're a good size and have coloured borders so they'll show up well against the background.


Anyway, getting to the point, I was amazed at the vibrant colours and number of designs the pack contained - I was really impressed so had to take a picture! The pack contains uppercase, lowercase letters as well as numbers and punctuation marks - so pretty much all you need for an instant display!


If you're interested in  these letters click here.