Educational School Displays and Teacher Posters: Getting Your Classroom Ready For the New School Year

  Educational School Posters

Relaxing though the summer holidays are, it's always exciting to look forward to the new school year. There's plenty to prepare for; from devising schemes of work to thinking about seating plans, and it's important to get organised before the first day of term!

One of the most vital things to consider when getting yourself ready for the new school year is classroom presentation. It's vital to create an environment which not only maximises on learning opportunities, but one that also feels welcoming, fun and inspiring!

If you're thinking about how you can decorate your classroom walls to best effect, then here is a helpful ‘back to school' guide.

Colourful Classroom Displays and Powerful Educational Posters: Back to School Decorating!

Obviously, you'll need to allocate some space in the classroom to display work done by the students, as this gives them a lot of confidence and encourages them to take pride in their work. However, there will still be plenty of space in which you can get creative with some motivational classroom displays and posters.

•  Keep it colourful. In the primary classroom, colourful displays not only create a lovely, fun atmosphere, but they're also attention grabbing, and will help encourage your students to examine them in more detail.

•  Keep it bold. Too much information, and your students may struggle to process it all, particularly if they are Early Years or KS1. Instead, use classroom displays that offer bold, easy-to-read information.

•  Don't over-clutter. Again, filling every inch of space on your walls can leave children feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the information! A few powerful educational posters are more effective than too many.

Using Classroom Posters to Support Learning

  There are many great classroom posters or educational charts that provide great support to your teaching, below we've suggested some of our most popular poster ideas by key stage and/or subject that cover fundamental topics and serve as an everyday reminder to reinforce learning: (click the image to visit the product page)

  General Posters Maths Posters English Posters Science Posters PSHE Posters

Early Years Posters

Owl Design Classroom Poster SetClassroom Poster Set Early Years Maths PosterLearn Numbers Early Years Alphabet PosterLearn the Alphabet Early Years Classroom Science PosterWeather Poster Early Learning PosterIndividuality
Reception Class Posters Reception School Posters - ArtLearn Colours Reception Class Poster - Learn NumbersEarly Counting Letter Formation PosterLearn to Write Reception Classroom Posers - Basic ShapesBasic Shapes Reception Class PostersThe Five Senses
Key Stage 1 Posters KS1 Poster - FeelingsFeelings Poster KS1 Maths PostersNumber Bonds KS1 Phonemes PosterPhonics Poster KS1 Classroom Poster - DinosaursDinosaur Poster KS1 School Posters - PSHEBe Yourself
Key Stage 2 Posters KS2 Poster - Trend PostersPromote Reading KS2 Maths Poster - Times TablesMultiplication Poster KS2 Grammar Poster - NounsNouns Poster KS2 Posters - Chicken Life CycleChicken Lifecycle KS2 School PosterPSHE Poster
Key Stage 3 Posters KS3 Classroom PosterInspirational Poster KS3 Maths PosterReflection Poster KS3 Literacy PosterSynonyms Poster KS3 School Posters - PhotosynthesisPhotosynthesis Poster KS3 PSHE Poster - DiversityDiversity PSHE Poster

These colourful posters will create a classroom display with purpose, but don't be afraid to get creative with your own designs for the new school year; if you're artistic, then why not create some colourful displays of your own?

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