Just a minute! Revision aid / lesson starter game

Just a minute! Revision game for the classroom

Just a minute!

Excellent to use as a revision tool, mini-plenary, starter or plenary! All you need is a stopwatch. Students must attempt to talk for one minute on a topic you have selected for them - maybe it's the content of the last lesson, details of the revision they should have covered for homework or an English vocabulary exercise where they have to describe or talk about a subject using a varied vocabulary. They must do it without hesitation, repetition or deviation!

I have found that this works much better in pairs, and sometimes having a mini whiteboard with the key terms on it. The partner can even score the person who is talking by crossing off all of the keywords they said in one minute. Give it a go - your students will love it as will you!

This article is written by Rachel Kelly and is an excerpt taken from a monthly newsletter written by Rachel Kelly, Assistant Head and AST at The Urswick School in Hackney, London. We thank the school for allowing us to share their great articles and we hope it will prove useful and insightful to our followers.