Grace's Stickers Launch for Children in Need

Personalised stickers - Raising money for Children in Need










Grace, our youngest team member (aka our daughter) has launched this range of hand drawn stickers to raise money for Children in Need. Available all year round, 15% of sales of these stickers will be given by Classroom Capers to Children in Need. It's great to be able to use our family business to not only raise money for charity but also to provide an opportunity for our young children to get involved. Here's what Grace had to say about her venture:

"At school one of my favourite topics is art and I wanted to put my drawings to a purpose, so Classroom Capers, my family’s business, gave me the chance to do so.

It’s a great opportunity to combine my talent with a charity supporting idea to raise money for those in need. I chose Children in Need because it is one of the charities that most people know and will be able to relate to, it has an obvious tie in with the resources Classroom Capers sells.

I hope you like my designs, I have lots more in store (!) and I can’t wait to find out if you like them to? If you do please let me know and please buy some! I’ll write a blog post to let you know how much money we raise as a team."


Click here to see Grace's range - (please pop back soon - her creative ideas keep coming!.