New Welsh Language Teacher Stamps

welsh primary school stamps

To celebrate St.David's Day on 1st March we're excited to be launching our fantastic new range of Welsh language teacher stamps! With 12 delightful, fun designs, in a variety of three colours, these stamps are sure to be a great hit in the classroom. Each stamp has a message of encouragement ranging from 'Gwaith Da' (Good Work), 'Dyna Seren' (What a Star) to Ysgrifen Taclus (Neat Writing) to name but a few.

To suit your budget and your needs you can buy any of the stamps individually, or as a pick 'n’ mix box with 6 stamps of your choice. Our pick ‘n’ mix box option is the perfect way to choose those stamps most relevant to your needs and save money on buying them individually! Each stamp comes in its own case to stop the ink from drying out so you can choose whether you keep them in the versatile box or use it for other stamps!



Why Welsh Language Teacher Stamps?

Under the National Curriculum in Wales, it is compulsory for all children to learn Welsh up to the age of 16, either as a primary or secondary language. The importance of learning languages at an early age cannot be stressed enough and for many it doesn't come naturally. By embedding a language at an early age the benefits undoubtedly pay off with children recognising words and phrases as second nature. This is why our Welsh Language Teacher stamps are the perfect solution for your primary marking.

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