Certificate Printing Centre

Welcome to Classroom Capers Certificate Printing Centre

Locate the certificate you want to print on and match the image to the certificates you purchased.
Once you find your certificates on this page, click on it to begin.

Once you get to the print screen:
  1. Please ensure that the certificate that you've chosen matches the certificates you have purchased.
  2. Using your mouse, click on any of the lines on the certificate.
    This allows you to type in the student’s name, the date , reason for the award and your signature.
  3. You may choose to change the font type, size of the font, and the location of each text box by using the dropdown menus and buttons located just below the Certificate image.
  4. You are now ready to print. You may want to load a test page in your printer before using the actual certificates.
    Once you are confident that the paper is facing the correct way, load the certificates and print.
  5. To print click on the purple Print button that is located just below the Certificate image.

    IMPORTANT: Do not use your browser's print button located in the menu bar or the Print command under the File menu. Those print methods will not work properly with the Certificate templates. Please make sure the page orientation is set to Landscape each time you print your certificate.

Participation School Certificate [T-2954]  Student of the Week School Certificate [T-2960]  Appreciation School Award [T-2965]

Math Achievement Certificate [T-11013]  Childrens Certificate of Excellence [T-11301]  Certificate of Participation [T-11303]

Certificate of Attendance[T-11002]  Reading Achievement School Certificate [T-11012]  Certificate of Achievement [T-11305]

Preschool Certificate [T-17006]

    Each printer format is slightly different so there is a toggle button in the certificates to allow for layout adjustments.
    Your browser must support Java to be able to use these templates. If you do not have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) loaded on your computer you will be prompted to download it. These templates comply with JRE 1.2 and later. Older operating systems such as Macintosh OS 9.x and older will not run these templates.