HOO HA! Class Pack 7, 8, 9-Times Table Games

Teach times tables with the HOO HA! Times Table card game, the fun new way for children to learn their 2-10 times tables.

** Silver Award Winner Top Toy 2011 (Independent Newspaper)
** Daily Telegraph thumbs up article Sep 2012

HOO HA! takes the stress out of learning crucial times tables - it’s so much fun the kids do not realise they are learning! Great news for teachers needing to engage the class and learners as they’ll have lots of fun (without realising they’re learning!)

HOO HA! times tables is a visual memory card game that is quick to learn, fun and easy to play for the family or the classroom. It's captivating, motivating and genuinely educational.
  • Class Pack Box contains identical 4 box sets each consisting of 3 wallets (one for each times table) with 24 cards per wallet
  • Includes 7x, 8x, 9x times tables
  • 2-4 players per game
  • Age range: 6-9 years (Key Stage 1 & 2)
  • Supplied in a sturdy cardboard storage box
  • For information on the science behind the game scroll to the bottom of the page

Also available in class size box sets to cover the other times tables games in the range or as smaller sets focussing on different tables. View the full HOO HA! range here.

View the video and see how easy it is to play! (Takes a few seconds to start playing)

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Additional Information

In Depth

The science behind the game

Unlike other methods of teaching times tables HOO HA! uses four learning styles, aural, oral, visual and kinaesthetic, to aid recall, improve concentration and develop spatial awareness. Because of its multi sensory nature the game can be accessed by children who are dyslexic as well as those who are autistic. There is no medium more powerful for learning than through play – it encourages participation, involvement and instils confidence and is therefore the solution to teaching numeracy as the children are automatically absorbed in the game without realising they are applying the skills they have just learned and remembering them through repetition.

HOO HA! Times Tables:
  • Use 4 learning styles: aural, oral, visual and kinaesthetic to aid recall, improve concentration and develop spatial awareness and reasoning.
  • Overcome the problem of skip counting and learning by repetition.
  • Build confidence, as there is no pressure to instantly recall, so the children don’t feel intimidated to participate and before they know it, they will be murmuring the answers!
  • Follow the guidelines set out by the ‘National Strategies for Education’ and the Class Box Sets are grouped in accordance with the way children are taught their times tables in school, with a box set for Key Stage 1 to 2.

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